Apple Wheel

Reduce, reuse, recharge.

Introducing the first spatial progression rotary accessory designed by Apple. It provides a motion solution both fast and efficient. With its flexible yet firm design, it offers all the power you need to ensure the movement of all your Mac products.

Faster. Stronger. Harder.

The Apple Wheel sets new standards in terms of movement, with the best energy conversion rate amongst competing products on the market. The time and energy wasted by pushing objects on the ground have a vampirizing effect that tires the body, damages your objects and scratches your wooden floor. Contrary to other motion techniques, the Apple Wheel has a rotating move that limits friction on the floor. In addition, the circular shape of the Apple Wheel ensures a regular progression during hundreds of moves. You will never again have to tire yourself pushing your objects on the floor.

Principle of Rotation

The Apple Wheel moves around its central axis and maintains a unique contact with the floor, which guarantees much less friction than with other traditional techniques.1

30 TeV

Apple Wheel

315 TeV

Slice of ham

Smart shape.

When the Apple Wheel arrives at the end of its rotation, its shape allows it to restart from its initial position as if nothing happened. Equipped with a smart continuity system, the Apple Wheel limits bumps throughout the motion. It is therefore one the most efficient and economic spatial progression techniques ever offered. The Apple Wheel can move several objects at the same time. It is optimised to be used with and move Apple products but works also with less interesting objects.

Lightning speed. And then some.

Thanks to a high performance gravity system, the speed of the Apple Wheel can reach extraordinary values in downhill motion. Contrary to other objects, such as a cobblestone, it moves your objects in a fluid and steady manner. You will finally be able to optimise your moves with an extraordinarily efficient product. The Apple Wheel also shows a ridiculously low energy loss rate. Stored for a year in the back of a drawer, even in extreme conditions, it retains its properties. You now have a guaranteed solution to durable friction reduction.

It’s a beautiful fit.

The Apple Wheel is very elegant and has a nice touch feeling. You can watch it for hours and feel the satisfaction of having bought an useful, white and smooth object for a staggering price.

What’s in the box

  • A Wheel